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The 16th Global Film Festival Noida Shines Spotlight on Women in Cinema: A Celebration of Talent, Transformation, and Triumph

02 Jan
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The 16th Global Film Festival Noida Shines Spotlight on Women in Cinema: A Celebration of Talent, Transformation, and Triumph

Noida: The 16th edition of the Global Film Festival Noida (GFFN) witnessed a groundbreaking seminar, “Growing Importance of Women in Global Cinema,” held at Marwah Studios. Festival President and Chancellor of AAFT University of Media & Arts, Dr. Sandeep Marwah, set the stage for an enlightening discourse on the evolving role of women in the film industry.

The esteemed guests for the seminar included  Ambassador of Panama H.E. Yaseil Burillo, Renowned Producer Mr. Boney Kapoor, Member of Parliament Lok Sabha Jagannath Sarkar, Renowned Makeup Artist Divya Behl, Social Media Blogger  Pavleen Gujral, Innovative Speaker Amrit Kumar Dev, Renowned Director  Soham Sham, Director of NSD Chittranjan Tripathy, Music Composer Abraham Kumar, and Festival Director Ashok Tyagi.

Dr. Sandeep Marwah opened the seminar by emphasizing the transformative power of films, citing the selection of 18 films from 18 diverse countries during GFFN 2023 as an enlightening experience akin to a comprehensive course in art and culture. He eloquently drew parallels between women and deities, underscoring the societal shift towards gender neutrality and highlighting the historical reverence for women in Indian civilization.

Renowned Film Producer, Boney Kapoor, traced the industry’s evolution from men playing feminine roles to female Oscar winners, showcasing the monumental strides made by women in cinema. Makeup Artist Divya Behl shared her inspiring journey from challenging beginnings to representing India at Cannes Fashion Week, exemplifying resilience and creativity.

Influencer Pavleen Gujral praised the evolving landscape of the film industry, acknowledging the increased participation of women in Bollywood. Innovative Speaker Mr. Amrit Kumar Dev stressed the importance of nurturing talent, especially among female students, emphasizing the need for inclusivity.

Director Soham Sham shared his experiences with influential actresses, providing insights into the changing dynamics of the film industry. Actor Mr. Chittranjan Tripathi drew parallels between realistic acting and feminine entities from the Natyashastra, enriching the discourse with artistic perspectives.

Ambassador of Panama H.E. Yaseil Burillo addressed the growing presence of women in the Indian cinema industry, while MP Jagannath Sarkar highlighted women’s contributions to “Natya kala,” urging cinema to portray women as heroes.

On this momentous occasion, the newsletter “CineFiesta” was released by the dignitaries, prepared by the students of AAFT School of Journalism and Mass Communication. The event also featured the launch of Mr. Soham Shah’s book, ‘Blood Moon,’ adding a literary dimension to the celebration of women in global cinema.

In a symbolic gesture, Festival President Dr. Sandeep Marwah presented festival mementos to the dignitaries, marking a memorable celebration of women’s contributions to the global cinematic landscape. The Global Film Festival Noida 2023 continues to be a beacon of creativity, inclusivity, and appreciation for the diverse talents that contribute to the cinematic world.



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