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Culinary Extravaganza at 16th Global Film Festival: AAFT School of Hospitality and Tourism Delights Dignitaries with International Cuisine

Noida 7th Dec. 2023: A flavorful twist to the 16th Global Film Festival, the AAFT School of Hospitality and Tourism took center stage by presenting an array of delectable international cuisines to cinema delegates and distinguished guests.

The inaugural session of the food festival unfolded with immense enthusiasm as AAFT showcased meticulously crafted dishes inspired by the culinary traditions of Ghana, Georgia, Venezuela, and Iran. The culinary creations were met with appreciation from attendees who reveled in the rich and diverse flavors brought to life through extensive research and practice.

Dignitaries gracing the event included Conrad Nana Kojo Asiedu, First Secretary High Commission of Ghana; Dr. Ammar Abdulhamed Khader, Cultural Attache, Embassy of Iraq; Lasha Japaridze, Charge d’Affairs Embassy of Georgia; Her Excellency Capaya Rodriguez Gonzalez, Ambassador of Venezuela; and Moshki Mohammed Reza from the Embassy of Iran. The presence of esteemed personalities from both the film and diplomatic spheres added a touch of international flair to the culinary celebration.

Notable figures from the film industry, such as veteran filmmaker and former Chair for Censor Board of Certification, Pehlaj Nehlani; renowned actress Neelam Sharma; acclaimed Director Sukhwant Dhaddha; prominent Producer Asif Aza Khan; and respected film producer and director from the USA, Trilok Malik, also graced the occasion.

Simultaneously, the event marked the launch of an important initiative related to Millet Food, previously initiated by the Prime Minister of India. Special dishes crafted from Millet Food were served to the guests and delegates of the film festival, aligning with the ongoing efforts to promote healthier dietary choices.

The culinary offerings received widespread acclaim, underscoring the success of AAFT School of Hospitality and Tourism in curating a gastronomic experience that resonated with the diverse and discerning palates of the attendees.