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Indo Korean Film and Cultural Forum Launches Korean Language Centre at AAFT

Noida, India – June 21, 2024 – The Indo Korean Film and Cultural Forum proudly inaugurated a Korean Language Centre at the Asian Academy of Film & Television (AAFT), marking a significant step towards enhancing cultural and linguistic ties between India and South Korea. The launch event was graced by notable experts from South Korea, including Michelle, Danish, and the renowned actor Moon.

Dr. Sandeep Marwah, Chair of the Indo Korean Film and Cultural Forum, welcomed the distinguished guests and highlighted the forum’s commitment to fostering cross-cultural understanding and collaboration. He emphasized the importance of learning new languages in today’s globalized world, stating, “The Korean Language Centre at AAFT is a testament to our dedication to broadening horizons and providing our students with the skills necessary to thrive in a multicultural environment.”

Michelle, one of the experts from South Korea, spoke about the increasing opportunities in Korea for those proficient in the Korean language. “There are numerous job prospects in South Korea for individuals who can speak Korean. This new language centre will equip students with the linguistic skills required to tap into these opportunities,” she said.

Danish, who played a pivotal role in initiating the project, expressed his enthusiasm about the collaboration. “The establishment of the Korean Language Centre is a dream come true. It will not only teach the language but also serve as a bridge connecting the cultures of India and South Korea,” he remarked.

Renowned actor Moon supported the initiative, sharing his views on the cultural benefits of learning a new language. “Understanding a language goes beyond mere communication. It is about embracing a new culture, understanding different perspectives, and fostering international friendships,” he stated.

The event was also supported by the International Chamber of Media and Entertainment Industry (ICMEI), reflecting a unified effort to promote cultural exchange and educational excellence. The Korean Language Centre aims to offer comprehensive language courses that cater to various proficiency levels, from beginners to advanced learners.

Dr. Marwah concluded the event by reiterating the Indo Korean Film and Cultural Forum’s mission to enhance cultural ties and provide students with valuable learning opportunities. “The Korean Language Centre is a significant addition to AAFT’s diverse educational offerings. We are confident that this initiative will open new doors for our students and strengthen the bond between India and South Korea,” he said.

The launch of the Korean Language Centre at AAFT is expected to pave the way for further collaborative efforts in education and culture, fostering a deeper understanding and appreciation of Korean language and culture among Indian students.

Public Relations Society of India (PRSI) and AAFT Forge Pioneering Partnership to Launch ‘Nalanda’ – A Revolutionary Student Forum

Noida, India – June 20, 2024 – In a landmark initiative poised to reshape the landscape of public relations and communication education in India, the Public Relations Society of India (PRSI) and the Asian Academy of Film & Television (AAFT) signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to establish ‘Nalanda – Student’s Forum of PRSI’. This strategic collaboration aims to create a robust industry-academia interface, nurturing the next generation of PR and communication professionals.

The MoU was signed by Dr. Ajit Pathak, National President of PRSI, and Dr. Sandeep Marwah, Chancellor of AAFT, a cultural ambassador to over 75 countries. The signing ceremony was attended by distinguished dignitaries including Dr. Charulata Singh (Chairperson), Shri Ajay Chaturvedi (Vice Chairman), Dr. Harsha Bhargavi (Treasurer), and Executive Members Shri Umesh Mishra and Shri Pankaj Saksena, marking a significant milestone in the journey of PRSI’s mission to empower the youth.

Dr. Sandeep Marwah, during his address, emphasized the transformative potential of public relations in shaping societal narratives. He highlighted the pivotal role of PRSI in uniting professionals from various sectors – government, private, NGOs, PR consultancies, and academia – to create a cohesive and powerful organization.

“Public Relations is a cornerstone for building public opinion on crucial national and social issues. The establishment of Nalanda will not only enhance the skills of young PR professionals but also instill in them the values and ethics necessary for responsible communication,” said Dr. Marwah.

Established in 1958, PRSI is the premier national body for PR professionals in India, boasting 25 chapters across the country. It has been instrumental in promoting transparency in media, ethical political communication, and public awareness campaigns such as the Unity India Drive, Anti-terrorism Movement, and the Swachh Bharat Mission. PRSI’s affiliation with the Global Alliance of Public Relations and Communication Management and the International Public Relations Association underscores its global outreach and influence.

Dr. Ajit Pathak remarked, “The collaboration with AAFT to launch Nalanda signifies a new era of educational excellence and practical exposure for students. It aligns with PRSI’s vision of nurturing future generations with knowledge and skills critical for global leadership in public relations.”

AAFT, a leading institution in media and arts education, has been a trailblazer in the field for over 30 years, offering over 90 professional courses. Under the visionary leadership of Dr. Sandeep Marwah, AAFT has set unparalleled standards in film making, fashion, and media management. The institution is renowned for its comprehensive programs in cinema, journalism, animation, music, hospitality, and more, providing diplomas, degrees, and postgraduate degrees across various disciplines.

The establishment of Nalanda – Student’s Forum of PRSI is anticipated to become a cornerstone for academic and professional growth, fostering a new wave of skilled and ethical public relations professionals ready to lead on the global stage.

Screening of “Dolphin Boy”: A Celebrated Iranian Animated Film at Marwah Studios

Noida, 20th June – The Indo-Iran Film and Cultural Forum, in association with the Iran Cultural House and the Embassy of Iran, proudly hosted a special screening of the award-winning Iranian animated film “Dolphin Boy” at Marwah Studios. The event was graced by the presence of the film’s renowned director and writer, Mohammad Kheirandish, who was accompanied by his wife, Parastoo Tajik.

The screening was attended by an enthusiastic audience, including film, television, and media students from AAFT, who eagerly participated in the interactive session following the screening. Dr. Sandeep Marwah, Chair of the Indo-Iran Film and Cultural Forum, emphasized the importance of cultural exchange between India and Iran. He highlighted the significant growth and potential of animation as a medium in both countries, encouraging students to explore and innovate in this dynamic field.

Dr. Faridoddin Faridasr, Cultural Counsellor at the Iran Cultural House in New Delhi, also addressed the gathering, expressing his appreciation for the collaborative efforts in strengthening Indo-Iranian cultural ties through such events.

Mohammad Kheirandish, the distinguished filmmaker, shared insights into the making of “Dolphin Boy,” discussing the creative process and the themes explored in the film. He answered numerous questions from the students, providing them with valuable knowledge and inspiration.

The event concluded with Dr. Sandeep Marwah honoring the dignitaries with life memberships to the International Film and Television Research Centre, recognizing their contributions to the world of cinema and cultural diplomacy.

The screening of “Dolphin Boy” not only showcased the brilliance of Iranian animation but also reinforced the bond between India and Iran, paving the way for future collaborations in the realm of film and cultural exchange. The event was supported by International Chamber of Media and Entertainment Industry.

Sandeep Marwah Appreciated Paintings of Nupur Jha from Dubai

New Delhi: Sandeep Marwah inaugurated a special session of art under the title  Atrangi an art walk through sharing views experience and journey of some of the important artists from India on the occasion of inauguration of painting exhibition of Nupur Jha from Dubai, UAE curated by Shambhu Nath Goswami and coordinated by Ankiyt Nagpal at Bikaner House.

Art and paintings serve as profound expressions of human creativity, capturing emotions, ideas, and narratives that transcend time and culture. Through the medium of paint, artists convey their unique perspectives and connect with audiences on a deeply personal level said .Sandeep Marwah President of Marwah Studios initiating the dialogues.

Each brushstroke, colour choice, and composition detail contributes to a visual language that can evoke powerful responses. Paintings can depict the tangible world with striking realism or explore abstract concepts through imaginative forms and hues. From the rich tapestries of Renaissance masterpieces to the bold experimentation of modern art, paintings document the evolution of human thought and society added Marwah.

The paintings of Nupur Jha invite viewers into an intimate dialogue, encouraging reflection, interpretation, and appreciation of both the artwork and the broader human experience expressed Sandeep Marwah who invited Nupur Jha to have her next show at AAFT, Marwah Studios, Noida Fil

Exhibition of Furniture by AAFT Students of Interior Design at 8th Global Fashion and Design Week

Noida: The 8th Global Fashion and Design Week 2024 witnessed a remarkable exhibition of furniture designed by students from the AAFT School of Interior Design. This event showcased the exceptional creativity and cultural diversity of the young designers, with each piece inspired by the art and culture of different countries.

The exhibition featured innovative furniture designs from the following talented students and their chosen countries of inspiration:

Adeeb Ahmad – Algeria, Anshay Dwivedi – Brazil, Arunima Sharma – Ethiopia, Arushi – Georgia, Darsh Malhotra – Chile, Devansh Yadav – Bahamas, Disha Prajapati – Gambia, Harshu – Lebanon, Kanchan Baghel – Italy, Mohammad Zubair Ansari – Netherlands, Nirbhay Singh – Romania, Pooja Srivastava – Poland, Rahish – Mauritius, Rudra Agnihotri – Philippines, Shadab Hushain – Kenya, Shubham Bhati – Uganda, Shweta Dwivedi – UAE, Swastika Mishra – Nepal, Swati Kumari – Bhutan, Parth Khanna – Lebanon, Vaishali Chauhan – Zambia, Asgar Ali – India

Held at the prestigious Marwah Studios in Noida, the exhibition was a testament to the creativity and innovation of the students. Each piece of furniture displayed was meticulously crafted, reflecting the deep cultural heritage and artistic sensibilities of the respective countries. The event provided a platform for these budding designers to showcase their work to a global audience, fostering cross-cultural appreciation and collaboration in the field of design.

Sandeep Marwah, President of Marwah Studios, lauded the efforts of the students, stating, “The exhibition of furniture by AAFT students at the 8th Global Fashion and Design Week is a remarkable display of creativity and cultural understanding. Each design tells a unique story and exemplifies the talent and dedication of our students. It is heartening to see such innovative work that bridges cultural divides and brings the world closer through design.”

The exhibition attracted  Ambassadors and High Commissioners, international delegates, design enthusiasts, and media professionals, all of whom were impressed by the diversity and quality of the designs. The event highlighted the importance of cultural inspiration in design and underscored the role of education in nurturing creative talent.

8th Global Fashion and Design Week 2024: Celebrating Cultural Diversity Through Design

Noida: The 8th Global Fashion and Design Week 2024 showcased an extraordinary confluence of creativity and cultural diversity. Designers of AAFT gathered to present furniture designs inspired by the rich art and culture of various countries, reflecting the global essence of the event. The exhibition was well appreciated by IID- Indian Institute of Interior Design the Apex body of Interior Design in India.

The event highlighted the exceptional talents of designers who drew inspiration from different nations, bringing unique cultural elements into their furniture designs. Here are the designers and the countries that inspired their creations:

Aman Singh  -Armenia, Ananya Shrimali – Bosnia, Arshan Saifi – Bulgaria, Arti Sisodiya – Mauritius, Bhawna Agrawal – Fiji, Chetan Nayyar – Zimbabwe, Darshika Rajput – Iran, Deepika Chhabra – Azerbaijan, Diksha Madhyan – Afghanistan, Himja Trivedi – DPR Korea, Pragya Khetarpal – Hungary, Ruby – Cyprus, Tanishqua Bhargava – Venezuela, Vikas Sharma – Iraq, Yashvi Kashyap – Ghana, Yashvi Yadav – Slovenia, Aditi Mishra – Cuba, Harsh Gogai – Mongolia, Jyoti Chauhan – Comoros, Paridhi Jain – Serbia, Pooja Kumari – Egypt, Abhishek Anurag – Nigeria, Abuzar Zaidi – Malaysia, Anannya Gupta – Tunisia, Anshika Maheshwari – Czech Republic, Ayush Verma – India, Azad Rai – Morocco, Geetanjali – Cambodia, Himanshi Garg – Sudan, Kashish Jain – Vietnan, Kavleen Kaur – Gabon, Khushi Jain – Guyana, Mani Chaudhary – Japan, Manisha William – Belarus, Mantasha Saifi – Lesotho, Mehar Arshad – Tajikistan, Rachit Kumar – Peru, Rehan Ahmad – Maldives, Ria Chaudhary – Myanmar, Ritik Gaur – Kazakhstan, Sameer Saifi – Ireland, Shambhavi Kant – Rwanda, Yashika Garg – Uzbekistan, Yogita Bhatia – Papua New Guinea

The event, held at the prestigious Marwah Studios, Noida, witnessed the participation of international delegates, design enthusiasts, and media professionals. Each piece of furniture displayed during the week reflected the deep cultural heritage and artistic sensibilities of the respective countries, making it a true celebration of global unity through design. Every furniture  representing the country is supported by the film and cultural Forum of that nation.

Sandeep Marwah, President of Marwah Studios, expressed his admiration for the designers, stating, “The 8th Global Fashion and Design Week is a testament to the power of art and design in bridging cultural gaps. Each designer has done a remarkable job in capturing the essence of their chosen country, and it is inspiring to see such a diverse and vibrant collection of work.”

The event not only celebrated the fusion of art and culture but also provided a platform for designers to showcase their work to a global audience, fostering innovation and creativity in the field of design. Large number of Ambassadors and High Commissioners of different countries also appreciated the setup. The exhibition was designed by AAFT School of Interior Design and International Chamber of Media and Entertainment Indusry.

Sandeep Marwah Inaugurates MSME Conclave on Resurgence and Growth of MSMEs and Startups

New Delhi: The MSME Conclave on Resurgence and Growth of MSMEs and Startups, organized by the Mantras Foundation of Kolkata and supported by the International Chamber of Media and Entertainment Industry, was inaugurated by Sandeep Marwah. The event took place in the auditorium of the PHD Chamber of Commerce and Industry in New Delhi.

Addressing a large audience comprising MSME stakeholders, Sandeep Marwah, President of Marwah Studios, emphasized the importance of self-reliance and self-sufficiency, invoking the term “Atmanirbhar.” In his speech, Marwah elaborated on the concept with the help of idioms, poetry, and phrases, urging everyone to step out of their comfort zones and work diligently towards making India the third-largest economy in the world. He highlighted the crucial role that MSMEs play in this endeavour.

Other notable speakers at the event included Rajnish Goenka, Chairman of the MSME Development Forum, Madhukar Mishra, B.K. Sabharwal, Chairman of the Finance Committee of PHDCCI, Kailash Gupta, President of Delhi Udyog Vyapar, Vikas Gupta, General Secretary of MIWA, Sharad Kohli, Economist, and Sanjay Jain, Managing Director of T.T. Ltd.

In his address, Marwah remarked, “The time has come for us to embrace the spirit of ‘Atmanirbhar Bharat.’ We must all strive to make India a global economic powerhouse, and MSMEs have a vital role to play in this journey. Let us commit to hard work and innovation to achieve our goals.”

The conclave provided a platform for thought leaders and industry experts to discuss strategies for the resurgence and growth of MSMEs and startups, focusing on innovative solutions and sustainable practices. The event also facilitated networking opportunities for MSME entrepreneurs and stakeholders, fostering collaborations and partnerships for future growth.

Sandeep Marwah Honoured for His Contribution to the Promotion of MSMEs

New Delhi: – Renowned media personality Sandeep Marwah was honored at the ‘MSME Conclave on Resurgence and Growth of MSME and Startups’ held at the PHD Chamber of Commerce and Industry of India in New Delhi. This event celebrated his significant contributions to the Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises (MSME) sector.

Sandeep Marwah, the founder of Noida Film City, has established a thriving hub for media and entertainment in India. Noida Film City, recognized as the fastest-growing film city in the country, is home to 16 studios and provides broadcasting space for 350 channels. This bustling center employs approximately 17,000 people in three shifts, indirectly supporting the livelihoods of around 150,000 individuals.

In addition to his achievements with Noida Film City, Sandeep Marwah has played a pivotal role in promoting Marwah Studios. Through Marwah Studios, he has supported the production of 4,500 television programs for various MSME media and entertainment organizations across more than fifty channels. His efforts have also resulted in the creation of around 5,000 training films and 3,500 short films, fostering the growth of numerous MSME startups.

The award was presented to Sandeep Marwah by Rajnish Goenka, Chairman of the MSME Development Forum, in the presence of distinguished guests including Madhukar Mishra, B.K. Sabharwal, Chairman of the Finance Committee of PHDCCI, Kailash Gupta, President of Delhi Udyog Vyapar, Vikas Gupta, General Secretary of MIWA, Sharad Kohli, Economist, and Sanjay Jain, Managing Director of T.T. Ltd.

In his acceptance speech, Sandeep Marwah expressed his gratitude to the organizers and reaffirmed his commitment to supporting the MSME sector. “This recognition is a testament to the hard work and dedication of everyone involved in Noida Film City and Marwah Studios. We are committed to fostering innovation, creating employment opportunities, and supporting the growth of MSMEs in India,” said Marwah.

The event highlighted the critical role of MSMEs in driving economic growth and employment in India. With leaders like Sandeep Marwah at the forefront, the MSME sector is poised for a future of innovation and expansion.

16th International Festival of Cellphone Cinema: Celebrating Innovation and Creativity

Noida: The 16th International Festival of Cellphone Cinema concluded with an extravagant award function held at Marwah Studios, Film City Noida. The event was attended by a diverse audience, including the awardees, film, TV, and media students from all over India, along with notable personalities from various sectors.

Dr. Sandeep Marwah, President of Marwah Studios and the International Festival of Cellphone Cinema, expressed his pride and joy during the event. “We have done it; an unknown idea has now become a universal idea. If you are unique and different, it might get you criticism in the beginning, but later the same people will follow you. We have proved this many times, be it the concept of Film City, a Film School, a Film & TV Club, a Film and TV Research Centre, or the Cellphone Cinema Festival,” said Dr. Marwah.

This year, the festival received an overwhelming response, with 2500 entries from across the country and many other nations. The pre-jury meticulously selected the entries for the finals, and later, senior jury members finalized the awards.

The awards were distributed across four categories: The first Segment was of Mobile Films up to 3 Minutes (Fiction) 1st Prize went to Yash Gaharwar, 2nd Prize to Kreette Sharotri, 3rd Prize: to Akshika Mittal, and the Consolation Prize was given to Manhar Kaur.

Second category was of Documentary/News Gathering upto 3 minutes where 1st Prize was awarded to Aayush Pathak, 2nd Prize to Gobind Gore 3rd Prize to  Himanshu Pandey, and Consolation Prize was given to Pradumn Waghmare,

Third category was Music Videos upto 3 minutes 1st Prize went to  Anam Kausar, and 2nd Prizewas awarded to  Ambrish Dubey. The fourth category was Still Photography and  1st Prize to Rajat, 2nd Prize to Shubham, 3rd Prize was awarded to Himanshu Pandey. Following the award distribution, the audience had the opportunity to watch the award-winning films, which were met with great appreciation.

The International Festival of Cellphone Cinema has once again showcased the boundless potential and creativity that can be achieved through the lens of a cellphone. The festival continues to be a pioneering platform, inspiring countless filmmakers and photographers to explore new horizons and express their unique visions.

Yogesh Mishra Festival President  paid vote of thanks to all the dignitaries and also invited the applications for the 17th International Festival of Cellphone Cinema.

17th International Festival of Cellphone Cinema Inaugurated at Marwah Studios

oida, June 16, 2024: The 17th edition of the International Festival of Cellphone Cinema was inaugurated with great enthusiasm and fanfare at Marwah Studios. This pioneering festival, which celebrates the art of filmmaking using mobile phones, has come a long way since its inception in 2007.

Dr. Sandeep Marwah, President of the International Festival of Cellphone Cinema, proudly reminisced about the festival’s origins. “We were the first in the world to start a festival of films made from mobiles. In 2007, we conducted our first festival and surprised the whole world. That same year, we also produced a film on mobile in association with Karl Bardosh, Master Professor at Tisch School of Arts, New York University. The film was made half in Noida and half in New York,” he shared.

Dr. Marwah further highlighted the global influence of the festival, stating, “We have been instrumental in starting mobile festivals in New York, USA, Budapest in Hungary, and Cannes in France. The rest is history.”

The event saw a large audience from different strata of life, all keenly listening to the speakers. The guest of honours included notable personalities from various fields: Ludmilla Chakrabarty, Author, who delivered an inspiring speech about the transformative power of mobile cinema.. Sanjeev Sood, Cinematographer, shared his insights on the evolving landscape of filmmaking., Rajeev K Sharma, IPS, discussed the importance of mobile technology in modern communication, Kushaal Chawla, Filmmaker, expressed his admiration for the innovative platform provided by the festival.,

Ashok Tyagi, Film Maker, narrated his experiences and the impact of mobile filmmaking on traditional cinema., Yogesh Mishra, Dean of AAFT, condensed the essence of the festival’s significance and its contribution to the creative industry. The program was followed by screening of mobile films.

The festival continues to be a trailblazer, encouraging filmmakers from around the world to explore and experiment with mobile technology. It stands as a testament to the democratization of filmmaking, making it accessible to everyone with a creative vision and a mobile phone.

Later Dr Sandeep Marwah horned the dignitaries with life membership of  IJC-International Journalism Centre and presented participation certificates to guest from different parts of the country.