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Star Cast of Feature Film “Namacool” Visits Marwah Studios

Dr. Sandeep Marwah
17 May
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Star Cast of Feature Film “Namacool” Visits Marwah Studios

Noida: In a vibrant celebration of cinema, Marwah Studios welcomed the lead star cast of the feature film “Namacool,” including Aaron Koul, Abhinav Sharma, and Anushka Kaushik. The event, organized by the International Chamber of Media and Entertainment Industry at AAFT Noida Film City, provided an engaging platform for the stars to interact with students and share insights into the world of filmmaking.

Dr. Sandeep Marwah, President of Marwah Studios and Chancellor of AAFT University, addressed the audience, emphasizing the profound impact of cinema. “Cinema can fill the empty spaces of your life and loneliness. It is the best source of entertainment. Making a feature film is as challenging as establishing a new manufacturing unit, which is why I have immense respect for every film. I consider feature films a true piece of art,” he stated.

The interaction between the star cast and the students was both enlightening and inspiring. Students eagerly asked questions, seeking to fulfill their desires to know more about the intricacies of cinema and the journey of making a successful film.

In a gesture of appreciation and goodwill, Dr. Sandeep Marwah presented the star cast with life membership of the International Film and Television Club of AAFT, marking the occasion with best wishes and blessings. The event was a testament to the collaborative spirit of the film industry and the passion for cinema shared by both the creators and the audience.



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