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Sandeep Marwah Appointed Global Ambassador of MAXable Social Organization to Advocate for Mental Health and Wellnesslness,

13 Jun
  • admin_mstv

Sandeep Marwah Appointed Global Ambassador of MAXable Social Organization to Advocate for Mental Health and Wellnesslness,

London, UK – In a prestigious ceremony held at Westmark Tower, New Castle Place in London, Dr. Sandeep Marwah, President of Marwah Studios and ICMEI-International Chamber of Media and Entertainment Industry, was nominated as the Global Ambassador of MAXable Social Organization. The event was graced by Ambassador Monika Kapil Mohta, the patron of the organization, and Neelam Chawla, the founder.

Dr. Marwah has long been an advocate for mental health, using his extensive platform in the media and entertainment industry to raise awareness on this critical issue. Through his initiatives, he has produced numerous short films focused on mental health, alongside a wide array of programs on Radio Noida, Radio Mumbai, and Radio Raipur. His television station, MSTV, also actively produces content aimed at promoting mental wellness.

In his role as the Global Ambassador of MAXable Social Organization, Dr. Marwah will continue his efforts to spread awareness about mental health and wellness. He expressed his gratitude to Neelam Chawla and Monika Kapil Mohta for their confidence in his ability to champion this cause. “I am deeply honored to be nominated as the Global Ambassador for MAXable Social Organization. I am committed to making this cause more visible and accessible to those in need,” said Dr. Marwah.

Dr. Marwah’s contributions to mental health advocacy extend beyond media production. He has been a prolific organizer of workshops, seminars, symposiums, interactive programs, and talks on mental health, consistently working to educate and engage communities on this vital subject.

The ceremony also saw Dr. Marwah presenting certificates to a group of dedicated individuals who have been actively working towards mental health awareness and support in London. This act highlighted the collective effort needed to address mental health issues effectively.

Dr. Marwah thanked the Indo-UK Film and Cultural Forum and the Indo-Wales Creative Forum for their continuous support in his endeavors. He emphasized the importance of collaborative efforts in driving significant change and reaching a broader audience.

The event concluded on a note of optimism and determination, with Dr. Marwah’s appointment marking a significant step forward in the global movement for mental health and wellness.



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