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Renowned Author and Filmmaker Pallavi Prakash Inspires Students at the 16th Global Film Festival Noida

02 Jan
  • admin_mstv

Renowned Author and Filmmaker Pallavi Prakash Inspires Students at the 16th Global Film Festival Noida

Noida: The 16th Global Film Festival Noida (GFFN) witnessed a captivating workshop on “Music Video” by the accomplished Author, Filmmaker, International Motivational Speaker, Senior Life Coach, and TV Panelist, Ms. Pallavi Prakash. The interactive session provided students with valuable insights into the world of music videos, shedding light on the procedural intricacies involved in crafting impactful musical productions.

Ms. Pallavi Prakash, a stalwart in the industry, focused on the portrayal of women empowerment in music videos, actively engaging with students and guiding them on the production nuances. The workshop emphasized the incorporation of aesthetic elements essential for creating memorable music videos, and Ms. Prakash shared her expertise on considerations crucial for pre-production planning.

Dr. Sandeep Marwah, Festival President, took the opportunity to introduce the AAFT School of Performing Arts, highlighting that the making of music videos is an integral part of the students’ cinema curriculum at AAFT. The festival provided a platform for students to delve into the significance of music videos in shaping cultural narratives.

Pallavi Prakash, during the workshop, addressed the pivotal role of cross-cultural music videos in influencing global culture. The session concluded with Ms. Prakash expressing appreciation for the film festival and congratulating the students for their ongoing success and achievements.

As a token of gratitude, Ms. Pallavi Prakash was presented with a memento from the 16th Global Film Festival Noida 2023, acknowledging her significant contribution to the workshop and the festival.

The 16th Global Film Festival Noida continues to be a melting pot of creativity, providing a platform for industry veterans, budding filmmakers, and students to collaborate, learn, and celebrate the magic of cinema.



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