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KOSHISH SAHYOG Facilitates Empowerment of Unprivileged Children through Collaboration with Ahemiyat

18 Apr
  • admin_mstv

KOSHISH SAHYOG Facilitates Empowerment of Unprivileged Children through Collaboration with Ahemiyat

Noida, April 11, 2024 – KOSHISH SAHYOG, the esteemed social organization under the umbrella of Marwah Studios, continues its commitment to empowering underprivileged children by collaborating with another social organization, Ahemiyat, founded by Hema Paul. This collaboration recently manifested in a workshop in films and media hosted at Marwah Studios.

A group of children from Ahemiyat, hailing from disadvantaged backgrounds, were welcomed at Marwah Studios for a transformative workshop aimed at harnessing their creative potential in the fields of film and media. Organized by KOSHISH SAHYOG, the workshop provided these children with a unique opportunity to explore various aspects of filmmaking, television production, and media communication.

Dr. Sandeep Marwah, President of KOSHISH SAHYOG, highlighted the organization’s ongoing efforts to empower children from diverse backgrounds through educational initiatives in the field of arts and culture. “We have successfully organized a myriad of programs, reaching out to over 1000 schools and children’s organizations in collaboration with the International Children’s Film Forum,” remarked Dr. Marwah. “Our aim is to provide these children with access to facilities such as film screenings, radio stations, and television programs, thereby enhancing their skills and fostering newfound confidence.”

The collaboration between KOSHISH SAHYOG and Ahemiyat underscores the collective commitment to upliftment and empowerment through education and creative expression. By providing underprivileged children with opportunities to explore their talents and interests in media and entertainment, both organizations are actively contributing to their holistic development and societal integration.



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