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Iranian Designers Visited AAFT School of Fashion Design and Interior Designing

11 Mar
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Iranian Designers Visited AAFT School of Fashion Design and Interior Designing

Noida, India – March 7, 2024 In a vibrant exchange of creativity and cultural appreciation, a delegation of esteemed Iranian designers recently graced the halls of the AAFT School of Fashion and Design and AAFT School of Interior Designing. Organized by the International Chamber of Media and Entertainment Industry in collaboration with the Indo Iran Film and Cultural Forum and the Embassy of Iran in India, this interaction aimed to foster deeper ties between the design communities of both nations.

The visiting Iranian designers were warmly welcomed to the exhibition specially curated in their honor, where they were treated to a display of exquisite designs and products crafted by the talented students of AAFT. This showcase served as a testament to the rich legacy of design excellence that permeates the Indo-Iranian relationship, spanning centuries of cultural exchange and mutual admiration.

Expressing admiration for the students’ innovative approach to garment and furniture design, Mr. Sandeep Marwah, President of AAFT, remarked, “I am pleased to see the work, efforts, and creativity of the students in designing garments and furniture for this exhibition; it is out of the box. I am also pleased to meet so many well-known designers from Iran; it has added a lot to our relations and friendship.”

Among the notable Iranian designers present were Elham Talebi Bidhandi, Mohadese Jalalimashayekhi, Marzieh Eivatin, Maryam Shirzadian, Mohsen Darjaei, Arefeh Mohammadrezakhani, Zeinab Zeidi, Mohammadhossein Abdoliashtiani, Katayoun Eshaghi Kenari, Shahin Ebrahim Zadeh Pezeshki, Milad Afshinmanesh, Maryam Mounesi Sorkheh, Atefeh Hajbabaee, and Samane Maliki.

Their presence and insights not only enriched the event but also contributed to the strengthening of cultural bonds between India and Iran. The collaborative spirit displayed during this exchange promises exciting possibilities for future collaborations in the realm of design and beyond. Later a workshop by Iranian Designer took place with the students of AAFT.



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