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Indo South Korea Relations Promoted at AAFT

06 Feb
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Indo South Korea Relations Promoted at AAFT

New Delhi :n a bid to bolster cultural and cinematic ties between India and South Korea, the Indo South Korea Film and Cultural Forum orchestrated an enriching program for students at AAFT, held at Marwah Studios. The event witnessed a dynamic blend of motivational discourse and melodious performances, reinforcing the commitment to fostering cross-cultural exchange.

Distinguished professor Ahn Kye Hyun, the Director of IYF (International Youth Fellowship) representing the Nonsan Region of South Korea, delivered an inspiring lecture aimed at igniting the spirit of innovation and collaboration among the attendees. Following the insightful session, a vibrant musical program featuring both Korean and Indian students further enriched the cultural experience, showcasing the diversity and creativity inherent in both nations.

The Indo South Korean Film and Cultural Forum has been actively engaged in facilitating dialogue and interaction between the two countries, leveraging the medium of art and culture as a catalyst for mutual understanding and friendship. Over the past few months, the forum has witnessed significant traction, underscoring the growing interest and enthusiasm in strengthening bilateral relations informed Dr. Sandeep Marwah President of Marwah Studios and Chair for Indo South Korea Film and Cultural Forum.

Among the esteemed guests present at the event were Paul Song, Chief Advisor of Integral Youth Fellowship and Director of IYF India; Han IL Gun, Regional Director of IYF Chandigarh; Choi Kyung Ho, Regional Director of IYF Kolkata; Chung Young Su, Professor at Kalinga University; Namita Guite, Secretary of IYF; and Marylin Saldanha Seb, Program Manager at IYF. Their presence underscored the collaborative efforts and shared commitment towards fostering a vibrant cultural exchange between India and South Korea.

The event marked yet another milestone in the journey towards deeper Indo-Korean relations, driven by a shared appreciation for art, culture, and mutual respect. As both nations continue to explore avenues for collaboration and partnership, initiatives like these serve as invaluable platforms for nurturing enduring bonds and promoting cross-cultural understanding.



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