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Indo-South Korea Forum Champions Cultural and Film Exchange

Dr. Sandeep Marwah
02 May
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Indo-South Korea Forum Champions Cultural and Film Exchange

Noida: In an ongoing effort to fortify the cultural and artistic bonds between India and South Korea, the Indo-South Korea Forum has been actively orchestrating a series of events aimed at fostering bilateral relations. Dr. Sandeep Marwah, President of the International Chamber of Media and Entertainment Industry (ICMEI) and Chair for the Indo South Korea Film and Cultural Forum, affirmed the commitment to a mutual exchange during a recent gathering at Marwah Studios, the international headquarters of ICMEI.

Dr. Marwah, a vanguard of international cooperation through media and culture, expressed enthusiasm for the burgeoning ties between the nations. “Through a vibrant series of events, we are dedicated to showcasing the rich tapestry of Indian and Korean arts and cinema. It is a bridge that connects not just two cultures but also the hearts and minds of people across both nations,” he stated.

This proactive initiative was further enhanced by the presence of Jong Hyup Lee, Counsellor at the Embassy of South Korea, and Sanjeev K. Ahuja of Asian Community News. The forum has been pivotal in initiating dialogues and planning substantial interactions between Indian and Korean representatives.

The engaging discussions have led to a number of innovative ideas that are set to be implemented. These dialogues have not only deepened understanding but also paved the way for new collaborations in the fields of film, art, and culture.

The Indo-South Korea Forum continues to be a leading force in building a strong foundation for cultural diplomacy and international friendship. With art and culture at the helm, the forum looks forward to announcing new events and partnerships that will further strengthen the India-South Korea relationship.



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