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Executive Body of Association of Asia Pacific Union Resolves Major Points for 2024-25

10 Apr
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Executive Body of Association of Asia Pacific Union Resolves Major Points for 2024-25

Noida: The executive body of the Association of Asia Pacific Union (AAPU) convened at Marwah Studios Film City, Noida, to deliberate and resolve significant points for the upcoming year 2024-25. Chaired by Dr. Sandeep Marwah, President of Marwah Studios and Patron of AAPU, under the presidency of J.S. Saluja, the meeting saw the participation of esteemed members and prominent personalities from various fields.

Among the distinguished attendees were Patron Wing Commander Praful Bakshi, Dr. B.R. Jain, Pravda Rathore, Dr. Subhash Goyal, Arun Roongta, S. Ratnavel, Ashok Tyagi (Filmmaker), Sushil Bharti (Broadcasting Director, Marwah Studios), Suniel Parashar (Senior Journalist), Prof. Gurbeer S Khera, Kulneet Suri (writer), Acharya Satya Narain, and others.

Following an extensive brainstorming session, the members reached several key decisions to shape the future trajectory of AAPU:

Formation of Sub-Committees: The association resolved to establish sub-committees to streamline and focus on specific areas of interest and concern within the organization.

International Conference: Plans were put forth to organize an international conference aimed at inviting delegates from Asian Pacific regions to foster collaboration and dialogue on pertinent issues.

Interaction Programs with Ambassadors and High Commissioners: AAPU intends to arrange interaction programs with individual Ambassadors and High Commissioners from different Asia Pacific countries to strengthen diplomatic ties and mutual understanding.

Regular Round Table Conferences: The executive body proposed the organization of round table conferences on a regular basis, addressing current topics of relevance and significance.

Dr. Sandeep Marwah pledged his unwavering support to AAPU, emphasizing the importance of unity and collaboration in advancing the organization’s objectives. J.S. Saluja, President of AAPU, expressed gratitude to all attendees for their valuable contributions and participation.

The event received support from the Asian Unity Alliance and the International Chamber of Media and Entertainment Industry (ICMEI), further underscoring the commitment to fostering cooperation and unity across the Asian Pacific region.



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