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Electrifying Fashion Show of Iranian Garments by AAFT School of Fashion and Design

11 Mar
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Electrifying Fashion Show of Iranian Garments by AAFT School of Fashion and Design

Noida: In a dazzling showcase of cultural exchange and artistic collaboration, the International Chamber of Media and Entertainment Industry (ICMEI) joined hands with the Indo Iran Film and Cultural Forum and the Iran Cultural House Embassy of Iran to present an electrifying fashion show at Marwah Studios, Film City Noida.

Drawing an enthusiastic audience from across India, including fashion enthusiasts, students of fashion and design, filmmakers, and journalists, the event showcased the exceptional talent and creativity of students from the AAFT School of Fashion and Design.

Among the distinguished Iranian designers present were Elham Talebi Bidhandi, Mohadese Jalalimashayekhi, Marzieh Eivatin, Maryam Shirzadian, Mohsen Darjaei, Arefeh Mohammadrezakhani, Zeinab Zeidi, Mohammadhossein Abdoliashtiani, Katayoun Eshaghi Kenari, Shahin Ebrahim Zadeh Pezeshki, Milad Afshinmanesh, Maryam Mounesi Sorkheh, Atefeh Hajbabaee, and Samane Maliki.

The fashion show, inaugurated by esteemed dignitaries including Mohamed Javed Hosseini, Deputy Head of the Mission at the Embassy of Iran, Dr. Faridoddin Faridasr, Cultural Counsellor and Director of Iran Culture House, Colonel Eng Valentin VOAIDES, Defence Attaché at the Embassy of Romania, and Sandeep Marwah, President of Marwah Studios, captivated attendees with its professional and international-level execution.

Expressing appreciation for the collaborative effort behind the event, Mohamed Javed Hosseini who was accompanied by his wife, remarked, “We appreciate the efforts of ICMEI, Indo Iran Film and Cultural Forum, and AAFT School of Fashion and Design for making the event so powerful and colorful. We extend our special thanks to Dr. Sandeep Marwah for his deep involvement in promoting Iran-India relations.”

Colonel Eng Valentin VOAIDES, accompanied by his wife, commended the passion and talent showcased by the institution, stating, “I am impressed by the passion this institution has shown in the collaboration in promoting the country of Iran. I am sure the same can be arranged for the country of Romania. The talent of the students in presenting these garments has enhanced the value of the product. The show was never less than any international presentation.”

Dr. Faridoddin Faridasr extended gratitude to all involved parties for their hard work and dedication, remarking, “I extend my heartiest thanks to all the organizations for their hard work, time, and resources in making this event a very successful one.” Later, Dr. Sandeep Marwah presented mementos to all the dignitaries present as a gesture of love and affection.

The fashion show not only celebrated the creativity and skill of budding designers but also served as a platform for fostering cultural understanding and strengthening ties between India, Iran, and Romania.



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