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Diplomatic and Literary Convergence: Book on Kyrgyzstan Released in Delhi

08 Apr
  • admin_mstv

Diplomatic and Literary Convergence: Book on Kyrgyzstan Released in Delhi

New Delhi, India – April 6, 2024 – A momentous occasion unfolded at Hotel Marina as distinguished diplomats and literary figures converged for the release of a captivating book on Kyrgyzstan. Hosted by Dr. Rashmi Saluja of Global Trade and Technology Council of India, the event witnessed the unveiling of a comprehensive guide to Kyrgyzstan’s tourism, authored by His Excellency Askar Beshimov, Ambassador of Kyrgyzstan, and Gaurav Gupta of GTTCI.

Joining the esteemed authors were notable personalities including His Excellency Elchin Huseynli, Ambassador of Azerbaijan; His Excellency Lukmon Bobo Kalonzoda, Ambassador of Tajikistan; Christian Kamill, Deputy Head of Mission Sweden; former Police Commissioner of Delhi, Rakesh Asthana; and Dr Sandeep Marwah President Marwah Studios and Patron to Global Trade and Technology Council of India.

Dr. Sandeep Marwah extended his heartfelt congratulations to Ambassador Askar Beshimov and Gaurav Gupta for their remarkable contribution to literature with their insightful book on Kyrgyzstan’s tourism. He emphasized the book’s potential to enrich the travel experiences of visitors to Kyrgyzstan, facilitating better holiday planning and exploration of the country’s diverse attractions.

The event also provided a platform for dignitaries to address pressing global issues, with a particular focus on World Water Day. Speakers passionately advocated for water safety, preservation, and the imperative to cease conflicts over water resources.

“The Water Day serves as a poignant reminder of our collective responsibility towards water conservation and safety,” remarked Dr. Sandeep Marwah. “It is imperative that we unite in our efforts to protect this invaluable resource for future generations.”

The gathering epitomized the convergence of diplomacy, literature, and advocacy, showcasing the power of collaboration in addressing global challenges and celebrating cultural diversity.



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