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Asian Unity Day Celebrated with Fervor by Asian Unity Alliance

08 Apr
  • admin_mstv

Asian Unity Day Celebrated with Fervor by Asian Unity Alliance

New Delhi, April 2, 2024 – The Asian Unity Alliance, along with its members across the globe, joyously celebrated the Asian Unity Day on April 2nd, marking a significant milestone in fostering solidarity among the esteemed nations of Asia.

Established several years ago by the Asian Unity Alliance, Asian Unity Day has now garnered recognition and participation from Asian countries worldwide, symbolizing a collective commitment towards unity and collaboration.

Dr. Sandeep Marwah, the Global President of the Asian Unity Alliance, expressed his delight over the widespread adoption of Asian Unity Day by nations across Asia. He remarked, “We are thrilled to witness the embrace of April 2nd as Asian Unity Day by Asian countries. Our members, dispersed throughout various Asian nations, have fervently dedicated themselves to commemorating this day with enthusiasm and vigor. Through our steadfast belief in promoting love, peace, and unity through art and culture, we aim to cultivate stronger bonds among Asian nations.”

Highlighting the cultural similarities among Asian countries, Dr. Marwah emphasized the ease of understanding and appreciating each other’s cultures. “Each Asian country has its unique contributions to offer, yet our cultures share remarkable similarities, fostering mutual understanding and harmony,” he added.

The celebration of Asian Unity Day featured the unveiling of a commemorative poster, symbolizing the spirit of unity and cooperation among Asian nations. Additionally, members engaged in enriching discussions aimed at furthering cooperation and solidarity among Asian countries.

The Asian Unity Alliance remains committed to its mission of promoting unity, friendship, and collaboration among Asian nations, and looks forward to continued efforts in developing mutual understanding and cooperation.



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