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AAFT School of Fashion and Design Showcases Exquisite Garments at Style Odyssey Exhibition

29 Mar
  • admin_mstv

AAFT School of Fashion and Design Showcases Exquisite Garments at Style Odyssey Exhibition

Noida, March 24, 2024 – The AAFT School of Fashion and Design made a resplendent mark at the Style Odyssey exhibition with a showcase of exquisite garments and a spirited competition that captivated attendees with its creativity and finesse.

Titled “Style Odyssey,” the exhibition showcased a stunning array of garments crafted by the talented designers of the AAFT School of Fashion and Design. With 13 stalls featuring the work of 60 designers, the exhibition was a testament to the dedication and craftsmanship of the students.

Dr. Sandeep Marwah, the esteemed leader of AAFT, took the time to visit each stall and personally appreciate the hard work and creativity displayed by the students. He commended their efforts, stating, “From my side, everyone deserves an award, but the jury still has to do their job. First and second place never matters in this case; the best part is that you have been appreciated for your creativity and hard work.”

The guest of honor, a renowned dress designer Kaushik Sheel now Visual Merchandising Head with Life Style, , expressed admiration for the quality of work showcased by the students. Each piece exhibited meticulous craftsmanship and purpose, reflecting the confidence and calibre of the young designers.

The Style Odyssey exhibition served as a platform for students to showcase their talent and innovation to a wider audience. It also provided an opportunity for industry professionals and fashion enthusiasts to witness the potential of emerging designers and appreciate their contributions to the world of fashion.

The event underscored AAFT’s commitment to nurturing talent and fostering excellence in the field of fashion and design. Through initiatives like Style Odyssey, AAFT continues to empower students to explore their creativity, hone their skills, and pursue their passion for fashion.



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