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16th International Festival of Cellphone Cinema: Celebrating Innovation and Creativity

19 Jun
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16th International Festival of Cellphone Cinema: Celebrating Innovation and Creativity

Noida: The 16th International Festival of Cellphone Cinema concluded with an extravagant award function held at Marwah Studios, Film City Noida. The event was attended by a diverse audience, including the awardees, film, TV, and media students from all over India, along with notable personalities from various sectors.

Dr. Sandeep Marwah, President of Marwah Studios and the International Festival of Cellphone Cinema, expressed his pride and joy during the event. “We have done it; an unknown idea has now become a universal idea. If you are unique and different, it might get you criticism in the beginning, but later the same people will follow you. We have proved this many times, be it the concept of Film City, a Film School, a Film & TV Club, a Film and TV Research Centre, or the Cellphone Cinema Festival,” said Dr. Marwah.

This year, the festival received an overwhelming response, with 2500 entries from across the country and many other nations. The pre-jury meticulously selected the entries for the finals, and later, senior jury members finalized the awards.

The awards were distributed across four categories: The first Segment was of Mobile Films up to 3 Minutes (Fiction) 1st Prize went to Yash Gaharwar, 2nd Prize to Kreette Sharotri, 3rd Prize: to Akshika Mittal, and the Consolation Prize was given to Manhar Kaur.

Second category was of Documentary/News Gathering upto 3 minutes where 1st Prize was awarded to Aayush Pathak, 2nd Prize to Gobind Gore 3rd Prize to  Himanshu Pandey, and Consolation Prize was given to Pradumn Waghmare,

Third category was Music Videos upto 3 minutes 1st Prize went to  Anam Kausar, and 2nd Prizewas awarded to  Ambrish Dubey. The fourth category was Still Photography and  1st Prize to Rajat, 2nd Prize to Shubham, 3rd Prize was awarded to Himanshu Pandey. Following the award distribution, the audience had the opportunity to watch the award-winning films, which were met with great appreciation.

The International Festival of Cellphone Cinema has once again showcased the boundless potential and creativity that can be achieved through the lens of a cellphone. The festival continues to be a pioneering platform, inspiring countless filmmakers and photographers to explore new horizons and express their unique visions.

Yogesh Mishra Festival President  paid vote of thanks to all the dignitaries and also invited the applications for the 17th International Festival of Cellphone Cinema.



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