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16th Global Film Festival Noida Explores the Harmonious Relationship Between Literature and Cinema

08 Jan
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16th Global Film Festival Noida Explores the Harmonious Relationship Between Literature and Cinema

Noida: The third day of the 16th Global Film Festival Noida witnessed an engaging seminar delving into the “Correlation between literature and cinema.” Organized under the guidance of Festival President Dr. Sandeep Marwah, the event celebrated the interwoven narrative between words and images, presenting a symphony of storytelling that resonates across diverse cultures.

During this enlightening session, Festival President Dr. Sandeep Marwah, along with esteemed dignitaries, unveiled the book “The Definitive Biography Talat Mehmood” by Sahar Zaman, adding a significant literary touch to the festival.

Marwah expressed admiration for the cultural tapestry woven by literature and cinema, recognizing it as an art form that transcends linguistic and geographic boundaries. Renowned Actor Abhishek Duhan emphasized the profound connection between acting and literature, stating, “Acting is the art of breathing life into words, and literature provides the script for the cinema of our imagination.”

Renowned Composer and Singer Hriju Roy highlighted the role of music as a bridge connecting literature and cinema, transforming words into lyrical notes that dance through cinematic landscapes. Author Prem Singh Dhingra eloquently described the journey from the written page to the cinematic stage as a beautiful correlation between literature and cinema.

Actor and Singer Aroon Bakshi celebrated the relationship between words and visuals through the lens of cinema, creating a timeless composition. He expressed, “Literature is the mother of Cinema.” Renowned Director Pankaj Parashar described directing as a dialogue between literature and cinema, where every scene speaks the language of words written and images envisioned.

Hon. Consul General of Comoros K L Ganju acknowledged film festivals as bridges where the written word meets the visual narrative, fostering a harmonious connection between literature and cinema. Filmmaker from the USA Mike Berry eloquently stated, “Cinema is the canvas where literature paints its stories in vivid motion, transcending pages to captivate hearts.”

The distinguished guests were felicitated with festival mementos by Dr. Sandeep Marwah. Furthermore, Abhishek Duhan and Rajendra Parsekar were honored with the Hindi Cinema Gaurav Samman, adding another layer of recognition to their contributions. The session concluded on an interactive note, with a Vote of Thanks proposed by Festival Director Ashok Tyagi.



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