Annual Day of AAFT Alumni Association Celebrated at Marwah Studios

Noida: Hustle and bustle, music and dance, talking and sharing was the real content of the day when hundreds of passed outs of Asian Academy of Film and Television and Asian School of Media Studies gathered at Marwah Studios to celebrate the annual Day called Udbhav.

Dr. Sandeep Marwah founder President was meeting everyone with great enthusiasm, recollecting their sessions, batches, and years of passing out from the institute. It was judicial mix of old and recent batches students who all were busy doing their net working with seniors. The old and the new faculty trying to make the ambience comfortable for every new entrant into the campus.

“The success of the institution is measured by the success of its alumni. You all have proved to the World with your hard work and whatever you have learned from this place. I on behalf of the institution congratulate you for your deep interest and efforts into media and entertainment industry,” said Sandeep Marwah in his welcome speech.

“We have come long way, twenty-eight years in education, 19000 students, 145 countries, 100 film, TV and Social organizations, 1000 awards from all over the World, 7 World Records trust me every student of AAFT and ASMS can feel proud of his or her institution. AAFT has been a case study in many countries including new education policy of India. We are the oldest school of skill development. Every event at AAFT is an international. We are ten best film schools of the World. AAFT is a brand now,” added Marwah.

Few of the prominent students were honored with AAFT Gaurav Award for their sincere contribution to media and entertainment industry including Suniel Parashar, Subhash Malik, Abha Maryada Banerjee, Lavlin Thadani, Jay Rajesh Arya, Uttar Kumar, Augustus Lightwriter and Anjali Rana. Earlier four interactive sessions were planned by Asian Alumni Association with the current students of AAFT & ASMS.