Attractive Fashion Courses at AAFT University

Raipur: Fashion Designing- an Art Form that is Much More than What Meets the Eye! The world of fashion designing has established its significance over a period of times. While earlier, it was considered to be a hobby, today, it has emerged as a full-fledged professional career choice. It has come to known as an art form, which goes beyond borders.

“Fashion is also used to bring into light and express significant issues and topics through different themes and events. Therefore, interested aspirants must understand the importance of the industry as a whole and the impact their role could create. They should look forward to bring about a difference in the industry and impact society through their work,” said Akshay Marwah of AAFT University of Media And Arts talking to the media persons at Raipur.

“It has become a pool of opportunities for those with an interest in the fashion and styling world. Anyone who has an innate inclination towards this domain can pursue career here at AAFT with some training. Professional education is essential to learn different aspects of the industry and to develop technical insights,” added Akshay Marwah expressing importance of Fashion Industry.

Practical knowledge of all such crucial aspects of the industry allows aspirants to enhance their skills and create a roadmap to build a flourishing career at AAFT University Raipur and AAFT Noida.

One can join a degree in fashion design or a diploma program right after completing studies till 12th. While a degree course is a full-fledged program of 3 or 4 years designed to facilitate extensive knowledge on all aspects integral to the industry,

AAFT University is a platform dedicated to provide practical knowledge and exposure. It offers a wide range of industry-specific UG/ PG fashion designing courses along with other relevant learning programs in this craft. Students here are encouraged to develop hands-on knowledge and gain understanding of the industry as a global art form.

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