Paintings are Like Poetry- Sandeep Marwah

“Painting does not come from the easel, they are the creations of an amalgamation of feelings from heart and thinking from mind. Painting is silent poetry. Painters dream of painting and then paint their dreams,” said Sandeep Marwah President of Marwah Studios while looking at the beautiful collection of paintings at Hotel Sheraton at Saket by well-known designer, architect and painter from Australia.

Art curator Vikram Sethi organized the exhibition of Donald H Green. The exhibition was well attended by people from art, culture, fashion and media fraternity.

Donald Green, after high school, entered a four-year Diploma course at the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology. This training appropriately focused on the traditional aspects of figure drawing, technique, pure design and art history. On graduation, He spent almost three years as a junior creative director in the Melbourne advertising agency, BCJP.

“The passion for drawing has been with me all of my life. It is fundamental to all my art and design work,” said Donald an Australian artist already familiar with the Indian market. “I follow the classic tradition of drawing from life and nature, either in the studio or outdoors where I observe and record the immediate world around me,” added Donald Green.

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