Sculpture Exhibition of Kapil Kapoor at 8th GFFN

Exhibition of Kapil Kapoor Inaugurated at 8th GFFN

Call him a child prodigy, an innovator or one of the finest artist in India,Kapil Kapoor has carved a niche for himself in the art world and is amongst the leading sculpture designers in India” Sandeep Marwah introduced Kapil Kapoor to the guest of 8th Global Film Festival Noida 2015 at the inauguration of exhibition at Noida Film City.

“Be it murals or sculptures, Kapoor’s installations are the master pieces that not only gives a reflection of innovation and reinvention of tribal art but also depicts a story in such a way that anyone can understand it” added Satish Anand of Asian Academy of Arts.

Mukesh Bhatt, Ketan Mehta, Mugdha Godse, Donal Bisht, Ashok Tyagi with International Guests – H.E. Milan Hovorka from the Czech Republic, H.E. Demetrios from Cyprus, Mongolian star Mungunzul Amgalanbaatar and the Polish photographer Henryk Pietkiewicz inaugurated the exhibition.

For over seven years of training and support by his family, Kapoor set off on his journey all alone to make something big and taking the family legacy forward. Mr. Hardy from France that taught him various techniques, academics and crafts.

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