Music Recital by Rajendra Prasanna at Global Literary Festival

Music Recital by Rajendra Prasanna at GLFN

Noida: The literature and music promotion go hand in hand. They can not be separated as literature and music are part and parcel of our life” Sandeep Marwah President of First Global Literary Festival Noida introduced Rajendra Prasanna to the audience as one of the biggest and famous Flute Player in the World.

“We are here to enjoy and celebrate literature. Music and literature are two sides of the same coin. Relaxed mind bring more creativity. Rajendra Prasanna needs no introduction” said Pankaj K Singh Festival Director Coordination.

“ He reminds us the sweetness of Lord Krishna and all stories related to Him in Geeta and Mahabhaarta. Lord Krishna has spoken a lot in these two epics and Bansuri-a musical instrument has been a part of Him throughout is an indication that literature and music progress together,” added Sandeep Marwah

The event was attended by thousands of literary lovers from all over India and abroad.

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