Sandeep Marwah Spoke on International Day of Cooperatives

International Day of Cooperatives at Las Vegas

Las Vegas: “The aim of this International Day is to: Increase awareness on cooperatives; Highlight the complementarily of the goals and objectives of the United Nations and the international cooperative movement; Underscore the contribution of the movement to the resolution of the major problems addressed by the United Nations” said Sandeep Marwah Managing Director of National Federation of Tourism And Transport Cooperatives of India Limited in a meeting at Hotel Encore at Las Vegas during his visit to USA.

“he other aim is to strengthen and extend partnerships between the international cooperative movement and other actors, including governments, at local, national and international levels” added Marwah who is also Ambassador of International Human Rights Association affiliated to United Nations.

This year, International Co-operative Day celebrated on 4 July, had the theme of “Choose co-operative, choose equality”.

The co-operative movement presents a unique combination of global reach and needs-based business conduct. Play an important role in poverty reduction by widening ownership and by giving people a voice, both inside their organizations and in society as a whole.

“In this crucially important year in which the world will commit itself to an inspiring new development agenda, including a set of sustainable development goals, let us recommit to the cooperative business model and use its many benefits to fulfil our vision of a life of dignity for all.” Marwah also read the message of Ban Ki Moon the Secretary General of United Nations.

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