Sandeep Marwah an International Guest at 11th Miskolc Film Festival

Sandeep Marwah at Miskolc Film Festival

All the jury members from all over the World gathered at Miskolc to celebrate the 11th Miskolc International Film Festival at Hungary. This festival has emerged as one of the biggest and important film festivals of the Europe.

Some of the well known names of World cinema including Alfredo Mayo Spanish Cinematographer, Sandeep Marwah Studio Biggie from India, Olivier Gerrard from France, Pap Ferenc Hungarian Cinematographer, Jan Schulz Ojala Film Critic from Germany, Fernanda Silva Purtugese Festival Organizer were present there.

Lakatos Robert film Director from Romania, Oliver Stangl Autrian Documentary Film Maker, Anu Laura Tuttelberg Estonian Animator, Andrzej Fogler Polish Film Critic, Molnar Jidit Anna Hungarian Television, Pierre Yves RogerFrench Film Critic also joined the board.

Ana Lanuza Avello Spanish Communication Expert, Dusicza Ferenc Hungarian Social Worker, Gebauer Szabolcs Hungarian Media Expert, Vanessa Locke an actress, David Miller British Federation of Film Societies, Konrad Domaszewski Polish Film Maker and Ulrich Gabor Hungarian Film Professor will be part of this prestigious jury this year.

“I am charged with new energy after meeting the who’s who of World Cinema at 11th Miskolc Film Festival” said Sandeep Marwah President Marwah Studios and a World Record Holder in media.

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