From The President Desk


I have seen the media industry growing and getting bigger in my career of 30 odd years. Even before the founding stone of MARWAH STUDIOS was placed, I had felt the future need of an institute which will provide wide network of mass media education and sharing. The Marwah Studio Television (MSTV) today provides the platform where youngsters can fulfill their dreams of film and documentary production. The world is moving fast, while the window of a day remains to 24 hours only. Long movies were the past which have been revolutionized by short movies and treasures today. The sole motive of establishing the Studio TV is to distribute my experience of film industry among the youth of every generation to lead the way ahead with the needs of that time. I have put efforts to make them learn, experience and evolve as the time demands. Marwah Studios will screen the short movies of newcomers, amateurs and budding film makers comprising numerous genres of comedy, drama, documentary, humor, musical, romance, science-fiction and thriller. MSTV has proved to be a pioneer among several studios from long time, and we will take it further with talents of many.


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