From The Desk of CEO



Being a youngster and the CEO of such a legendary and prestigious MARWAH STUDIO Television I have realized how to change with time. I have always had a dream to acknowledge people with what the time demands. The Marwah Studios television has become a platform to share your talent of media and film industry.  We have evolved ourselves with time and we have made changes in our approach towards the film industry that are helping students working in different fields of entertainment industry. Our studio has a history with accomplishments so high that two decades have passed and our hard work continues to pay off. I want to share the experience, talent, do’s and don’ts with students of any related field of media. The alumni list shows our commitment. I want the world to change with constructive efforts from every corner and why not MSTV be the first.

Today’s world is moving fast and hence our short stories of socio-cultural approach need wide network of sharing and learning. The mass media of communication should prove their worth in providing harmony and entertainment at the same time.

We work for a change and our history allows us to go ahead.