ICMEI Celebrated International Mother Day On Line

New Delhi: Marwah Studios in association with World Peace Development And Research Foundation celebrated International Mother Day to pay gratitude to Mother Earth for all that we have enjoyed in life ,supported by International Chamber of Media And Entertainment Industry. The event was on line.

“In this sensitive time of Corona Virus, sitting back home, it is the right time to extend our heart felt thanks to Mother Earth who has provided us all that what we need to live comfortably. The human race has misused and wasted many resources which earth has provided us naturally,” said Dr. Sandeep Marwah President of Marwah Studios.

“We must act decisively to protect our planet from both the coronavirus and the existential threat of climate disruption,” said UN Secretary-General António Guterres in his remarks.

Many people may not know that -One new infectious disease emerges in humans every 4 months. 75% of these emerging diseases come from animals. A healthy ecosystem helps to protect us from these diseases. Biological diversity makes it difficult for pathogens to spread rapidly.

It is estimated that around one million animal and plant species are now threatened with extinction.  If we fight climate change and biodiversity loss turning to sustainable models will help not just nature, but human health

“Let’s remind more than ever in this International Mother Earth Day that we need a shift to a more sustainable economy that works for both people and the planet. Let’s promote harmony with nature and the Earth,” added Dr. Marwah

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