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Our Team Members


Sushil Bharti

Director, Broadcasting, MSTV

My Journey started in 1996. Travelling all over India and abroad as a television and media professional gave me an insight of the right vision, mission and approach to create this world a better place to live in. Our agenda is to create love, peace and unity through art and culture in the society, MSTV is a venture that truly believes in it. Its whole effort is to aware and inform people through an entertaining manner.


Shreeya Katyal

MSTV Journalist

I believe that when we Inspire, we Evolve! I channelised my creative energies as a PHILOSOPHER, WRITER and a DIRECTOR. My power of pen gave me the strength of communicating my thoughts confidently to the masses and that is what makes me so comfortable on the stage while ANCHORING shows or INTERVIEWING people from different walks of life, High Commissioner of varied nations, Ambassadors and Diplomats of different countries, Politicians, Actors, Dancers, Singers and other Artists. Interacting with people and knowing them is my passion and that is what makes my profession as a JOURNALIST a cake walk for me.


Geet Chaudhary

MSTV Journalist

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Abha Mishra

MSTV Journalist

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I am Yogeeta Waliya, a believer of an adventurous and happy life than a boring and non-creative growth with no certain upliftment as a human being. I have involved in creating and making love for life that has entertainment and a flowing nature which empowers to be successful in whichever way we are seeking through. I am a speaker with confidence that portray the unbiased review and words that describe the true essence of its nature.

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